Check Out This Feeding Frenzy – From Under The Water [Video]


Watch Marlin, Tuna, Dorado, Sea Lions and Whales come out to feast on every single last sardine in this bait ball.

This may just be the coolest five minutes of underwater action you’ll ever encounter. As the video unfolds around the 20 second mark, dramatic footage and colorful hues of blues capture your attention right away as a massive bait ball of sardines rotates and spins like a perfectly choreographed underwater tornado and the chaos that ensues when they are discovered. Well chosen background music and smart narration highlight this mesmerizing video, giving us a glimpse into a world most people never see.


Watch as colorful dorado dart in and out, relentlessly attacking the tightly schooled fish. Other predators that bombard the group from all sides include tuna, sea lions, frigate birds, and whales, ruthlessly launching assault after assault on the dwindling school. Some of the most dramatic footage comes when striped marlin decide to do some spearfishing of their own.