Blue Bayou Lodge Iztapa, Guatemala


There are many locations around the world that stake claim to being the “marlin capital” or “bill sh capital”, but for pure numbers of bill sh you will be hard pressed to nd a better location than the Paci c coast of Guatemala. Blue Bayou Lodge is a charter operation that not only puts clients on huge numbers of bill sh each year, but also provides a personalized all-inclusive experience at a reasonable cost.

Captain Chris Starrs is the owner and primary captain for Blue Bayou. The Michigan native moved to Guatemala more than 10 years ago and is seriously as dialed into the shery as anyone. His agship vessel is Sails Tactic, a recently imported to Guatemala 35’ Betram that is perfectly suited for Guatemalan bill shing. To accommodate larger groups, Blue Bayou also employs some of the top local captains with boats ranging from 28’ Carolina Classic to 43’ Willis.

The shing is truly almost too good to be true (but it is!). During the peak season of October through April, a typical day might include 30 sail sh bites, with incredible days of 80+ bites possible. However, the shing is very good year round, with peak season for marlin (both in terms of size and quantity) typically occurring in the summer months. In addition to bill sh, dorado (mahi mahi) and yellow n tuna are often caught for dinner.

Blue Bayou Lodge is an all-inclusive experience that includes ground transportation, lodging, and all food and beverages. The Lodge has a private swimming pool, Wi and all of the amenities you’ll need for a comfortable stay. Most importantly it is truly all-inclusive – Captain Starrs and his team will take care of everything, from when they pick you up at the airport, to your rst sail sh, to the ride home.