Blue Marlin Smashes Into And Toys With This Dolphin Fish

Blue Marlin Smashes and Toys With This Dolphin Fish

500 lb Blue Marlin Gives A Little Love Tap

Mahi is Hawaiian for “strong.” The fact that Hawaiians named the Dorado Dolphin “mahimahi” speaks volumes about the species’ awesome speed and toughness. But as this video shows, strength is relative.

The video estimates the mahi shown as being about a twenty-five pounder. The Blue Marlin seen completely ruining its day would run around 500lbs by comparison.

So basically, the poor guy got hit by a motorcyclist carrying a jousting spear…

Upon closer inspection, it looks like the mahi received a glancing blow from the spear, and not a direct hit. Otherwise the marlin would be having shish kabob for lunch. It’s anyone’s guess as to whether or not the mahi survived the attack, but I’d like to think that he swam away with a wicked-awesome, vaguely tribal-looking scar to show the rest of the school.

If so, do you think they might add another mahi to his name?