Long Island Bonefishing Lodge

Deadman's Caye, Bahamas
Website: http://longislandbonefishinglodge.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/longislandbonefishing

Long Island Bonefishing Lodge is an all-inclusive fishing lodge that overlooks the picturesque Deadman’s Cay in the Bahamas. LIBL specializes in Do It Yourself (DIY) bonefishing, giving anglers the ultimate challenge of taking a true “long walk” in pursuit of the wily bonefish, one of fishing’s ultimate prizes. An experienced guide offers advice and transportation to the fishing grounds, but it is up to the traveling angler to set themselves up for the ultimate reward! Surrounding the lodge are some of the most productive bonefishing flats in the Bahamas, and the first order of business is being transported by boat to the selected flat. Depending on skill level, the angler will receive instruction from guides on how to fish a particular flat, how the tides will influence the fishing during the day, and what flies and strategies to use. Bonefish will be the primary targeted species in mostly shallow (less than 30 inches) water with the occasional deeper drop off.  On average the bonefish are 3-6 pounds with “papa” bones going up to eight pounds.  Typical fly patterns work with size #4 and #6 being standard. The lodge itself is ideally situation at water’s edge on Deadman’s Cay and provides simple yet all-inclusive accommodations perfectly suited for the traveling angler. The main building provides an open concept dining area, bar and lounge, while the accommodations consist of duplex-style cottages with decks overlooking the pristine Bahamian waters. Stalking bonefish on the flats is one of fishing’s ultimate challenges, and Long Island Bonefishing Lodge provides the perfect opportunity to experience it.