Fishing Crete Charters

Island of Crete, Greece

The island of Crete is the largest Greek island and is steeped in an incredible history that dates well back into the Bronze Age. You’re going to travel here for the famous beaches, charming culture and the rich history, but Fishing Crete Charters gives you an opportunity to enjoy some really great fishing while you’re there!

Captain Zacharias Damianakis is a seasoned captain who established Fishing Crete in 1992. His primary vessel is a 31′ Betram flybridge, newly upgraded and outfitted with twin Cummins engines. He offers a variety of trips, all of which will feature not only fishing but a sightseeing tour of the jaw-dropping scenery in Crete.

Trips originate at Heraklion Marina (in the capital city) or Marina Agios Nikolaos on the east end of the island. Some of the best fishing destinations are also the most spectacular – Elounda Bay and Spinalonga Island, and the uninhabited Dia Island, a protected nature reserve.

Fishing Crete primarily targets bottom fish, with snapper, dentex and grouper being the most common catches. Bluefin tuna are not permitted to be targeted by recreational anglers, which is a shame because as Captain Zacharias tells us, “We have huge tuna populations in the Aegean Sea, but it is difficult for us to promote tuna fishing!” However, if you check out some of the grouper pictures he’s sent us, you probably won’t mind.