Fish Venice Charters

Venice, Louisiana

Venice, Louisiana may have the best saltwater fishing in the USA, and there you’ll find a great fleet of charter boats who target the amazing inshore and offshore fishing. However, ask locals for their short list of best captains in Venice and most of them will include two words – “Captain Eddie”.

Captain Eddie Burger has never been the flashiest captain in Venice but for more than 20 years he has been one of the best. According to Red Tuna’s founder Austin, “We’ve fished with great charters around the world, but Eddie may be the fishiest person I’ve ever met. We’ve had many great days with him, but what sets Eddie apart is the tough days. I remember a day behind the shrimp boats…the huge yellowfin were there, but no one could get past the swarms of sharks and bonita. Eddie has a 6th sense and was somehow able to put us on two huge tuna, which were the biggest landed that day! Other tough days, he has filled the box because he has simply outfished or gone further offshore than anyone else. Eddie is the man!”

His charter company, Fish Venice Charters is open year-round. Late Winter and Spring is wahoo time as well as “lump season” when you can find some of the biggest tuna of the year. Summertime tends to have great action on smaller school-sized tuna (although the big girls can be around) as well as mixed bags with snapper, dorado and more. Fall is when Amberjack season opens up and big tuna can often be found behind shrimp boats. Fish Venice can also target swordfish, grouper, cobia and mangrove snapper almost any day of the year.

Eddie currently pilots a 39′ Contender but tells us he is taking delivery of a 40′ catamaran this fall. Fish Venice also includes Captain Brendan Nolan, another excellent captain with a 36′ Contender. You can find a flashier charter company, but you won’t find a better one!