Goliath Grouper Swallows Jumbo Barracuda In One Gulp

Goliath Grouper Swallows Jumbo Barracuda In One Gulp - Red Tuna Fishing Shirt Club

Another Goliath Grouper With A Massive Case Of The Munchies.

I kind of feel bad for the barracuda in this video. Just when he thinks his day couldn’t get any worse, old Murphy has to come along with his pesky “law” and mess with him one last time.

While those familiar with the particularly ravenous beast that is the Goliath Grouper may not be surprised at the ending, those unacquainted will be amazed…

The roughly 4ft streak of silver shown in the beginning is a barracuda. In case you didn’t know, barracuda’s are well known for being really fond of eating and/or maiming whatever they can fit their wickedly sharp teeth around. One of them even ate Nemo’s mom, making a barracuda the only really lethal Disney villain I can think of offhand. These guys are pretty hardcore.

But to a Goliath Grouper, he’s about as menacing as a double cheeseburger is to a fat man. Pixar fans rejoice, Nemo’s mom has definitely been well-avenged.