Fairhope Charters

Fairhope, Alabama
Website: https://FairhopeCharters.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fairhopecharters

Fairhope Charters is a family-run business born and bred in Fairhope, outside of Mobile, Alabama. Launching from the beautiful marshes on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay, you will be treated to not only outstanding fishing, but the incredible hospitality you’d expect here in the heart of the South.

Fairhope Charters is a true family-run business – Capt. Lyons Bousson Sr. and his wife Michelle are joined by their kids, the “petites” – twins Capt. Lyons Bousson Jr and Capt. Mary Michael Bousson, and the youngest, Bay Bousson (and 6 family dogs!). All are involved in both of their fishing businesses, with Sr. and Jr. doing most of the guiding.

Their fishing tackle business is centered around their flagship product, the Fairhope Rattle, which was basically invented by the twins. Like any good fishing float made for the Gulf of Mexico, it is a popping cork, and the Fairhope Rattle makes a pronounced “cla-pop” that really gets the trout and reds fired up! Check out this awesome product at fairhoperattle.com or Amazon.

The Bousson family can also take you on some awesome fishing charters in Mobile Bay, Weeks Bay and the open Gulf. Most of the fishing is for the “Big 3” – speckled trout, redfish and flounder. The fishing is great all year, so anytime is a good time to get on the water. In addition to standard bay fishing trips, in season Fairhope Charters can take you for the giant tarpon found in the Gulf, or you can target the sweet-tasting tripletail.

If you are visiting, the Bousson family also has a great VRBO property called “ReelLiving” with direct access to Weeks Bay. It’s a perfect place to enjoy some laid-back times with friends and family, some fresh cooked Gulf seafood, and a great day on the water with Fairhope Charters!