Aquila Sportfishing Charters

Cornwall, UK

Nestled in the historic harbor town of Mevagissey, Cornwall, Aquila Sportfishing Charters is a top-notch operation specializing in bluefin tuna fishing. Captain Chris Gill, a true son of Mevagissey, brings to the table not just decades of experience but also a legacy of Cornish fishing traditions.

For those of us across the pond, the British Isles are not always thought of as a great fishing destination, but Aquila belies that notion by catching not only bluefin tuna but a myriad of other species including cod, pollack, conger eels, and the occasional blue or thresher shark.

But it is the tuna which captivates Captain Gill’s imagination, and he considers his Cornish fishing grounds to be a world-class Atlantic Bluefin Tuna fishery. In the past few years this pioneer of modern UK tuna fishing has caught over 250 bluefin tuna up to 750lbs. He reports that August through mid-December is usually the prime fishing season for tuna.

Aquila is a study 33′ Lochin that stands ready to take you out into the Celtic Sea in search of tuna and other quarry. If you’re not up for tangling with bluefin or you just want a more relaxing day on the water, there are reef and wreck fishing trips for half day and full day.

Regardless of what you’re catching, Mevagissey is a quaint fishing village with amazing scenery, as Capt. Gill tells us, “The reason I’ve loved to fish off the Cornish coast is the incredible natural beauty that surrounds me. The stunning coastline, rugged cliffs, and crystal-clear waters combine to create a breathtaking landscape that never fails to amaze me.”