Bull Sharks Invade Golf Course In Australia [Video]

Killer Sharks Invade Golf Course In Australia - Red Tuna Fishing Shirt Club

Shark Got Your Balls?

It’s always a pain to drive your ball into the water hazard, but on Brisbane’s Carbrook Golf Club, it’s a real killer stroke. If you’re into golf, you might want to work on that swing before you play on this golf course.

Watch as slender gray dorsal fins break the surface of the lake just a foot away from the edge in this otherwise serene golf course. Underwater footage even show the sharks seemingly investigating the golf balls that have landed in the lake.

Apparently, six bull sharks that range between six and eight feet in length found their way into the lake when a nearby river flooded its banks.  Bull sharks are known for swimming long distances from the ocean, since they can tolerate brackish and even fresh water quite well. The sharks that call this golf course home are now breeding and thriving in their lush new surroundings.

They have become quite the attraction since a front page picture was printed in the Courier Mail featuring a man at the edge of the lake just inches away from one of these foreboding creatures. Carbrook Golf Course is now renowned for its sharks, many people coming just to see them.

For those of you fortunate enough to see a sight like this, send us a picture! In the meantime, if you do hit the ball into the hazard, may we suggest…

…Step away from the golf club and leave your balls where they are!