Bill Dance Blooper Reel – All Hail The King!

Bill Dance Bloober Reel - All Hail the King

“Ain’t That A Fine Howdy-Do!”

Bill Dance is a living legend among fishing enthusiasts and many of us grew up watching Bill Dance Outdoors. Check out this hilarious blooper reel even if you’re a newcomer, but if you grew up with Good Ol’ Bill on Saturday morning it will really bring back a bit of nostalgia.

Bill Dance began competing in bass tournaments from an early age. A natural talent, he soon landed a big sponsor. Eventually, he built a fishing empire which included a TV show, sponsor endorsements, publishing his own magazine and how-to seminars. Not bad for a man who originally was studying to become a doctor!

One thing Bill Dance is best known for is talking to the fish on the end of his line as much as he talks to his audience. The other thing he is known for is his popular end-of-the-show blooper reels. He is not a man who is afraid to laugh at himself.

This entertaining video highlights the best part of Bill Dance, which is his sheer enthusiasm for fishing and his ability to handle whatever is thrown at him in the moment. Bill reminds us it’s not only okay to be human, it’s great entertainment!