10 Nopes of the Ocean. Nature, you scary!

We’re avid saltwater fisherman here at Red Tuna, but here are 10 things we’d rather NOT reel into our boat.  NOPE.

1.  Frilled Shark – No thanks
Frilled Shark


2.  Gulper Eel – Keep swimming down Mr. Eel, away from the boat please.qnedcdh


3.  Fangtooth Fish – The Devil called, he’d like his pet fish back.x4MiZdj


4.  Pacific Viper Fish – Their teeth are so big, they can’t close their mouths!juKhtcl


5.  Humpback Anglerfish – A face only his mother could love.Anglerfish


6.  Stargazer Fish – Hey, let’s turn that frown, upside down.toxic11-stargazer-fish_13501_600x450


7. Giant Spider Crab – These things can measure 12 FEET from claw to claw!731065_orig


8.  Giant Isopod – Basically, jumbo sea lice.  Feeling itchy yet?img-2577199-1-Courtesy NOAA Bathynomis giganteus expl0468 NOAAOER Deep Scope


9. Goblin Shark – He looks dorky, but don’t call him that to his face..bmuh8q1


10.  Giant Squid – They can grow up to 18 meters long.  For us Americans, that equals a 6-story building.  SIX. STORIES.enhanced-30873-1410535556-13
[h/t Buzzfeed]

Like we said, NOPE.